Lee Kuan Yew our beloved leader


RIP… the most admired man in Singapore history.
I’ve kept this copy for years as the man I admired most in my life was on the cover. It was sold out. I wanted it so much that I got a friend working in the Ministry of Defence to help me. A precious copy that I will keep in remembrance of our great leader. It was also because of this magazine that I got to know God. Long story… anyway I extracted a part from the magazine. How one great man changed the world when he met another giant man.

TIME: Who’s the most impressive person you’ve met in your public life?
LKY: Deng Xiaoping

TIME: We knew you’d say that. But tell us why?
LKY: I met this small man when he came to Singapore in Nov ’78. This small four-foot-eleven man, but a giant of a leader. He gave me a long spiel – the Russian bear, Vietnam was his Cuba in the Far East, danger for you. I had provided him with a Ming vase spittoon, and I put an ashtray in front of him. He neither smoked nor used the spittoon. The same arrangements at dinner. He did not use either. At dinner he said, “I must congratulate you, you’ve done a good job in Singapore.” I said, “Oh, how’s that?” He said, “I came to Singapore on my way to Marseilles in 1920. It was a lousy place. You have made it a different place.” I said, “Thank you. Whatever we can do, you can do better. We are descendants of south China. You have the mandarins, the writers, the thinkers and all the bright people. You can do better.” He looked at me, but said nothing. In Nov 1992, during his famous tour of the southern provinces, he said, “Learn from Singapore”, and “Do better than them”. I thought, oh, he never forget what I said to him.

But what impressed me was, the next day in our talks in Singapore, I said, “You spent all this time to convince me why we should fight the Russian bear. Let me tell you that my neighbours want me to join them to fight you, you’re the man who’s giving us trouble. All this communist insurgency and your broadcasts urging them on and so on.” He screwed his eyes, peered at me, and asked, “What do you want me to do?” I said, “Stop it.” One young man telling an old grizzly, guerilla fighter: “Stop it.” He said, “Give me time.” Eighteen months later he stopped it. That man faced reality. I’m convinced that his visit to Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, that journey in Nov ’78 was a shock to him. He expected a three third-world cities; he saw three second-world cities, better than Shanghai and Beijing. As his aircraft door closed, I turned around to my colleagues, I said, [his aides] are getting a shellacking. They gave him the wrong brief. Within weeks, People’s Daily switched lines, that Singapore is no longer a running dog of the Americans, it’s a very nice city, a garden city, good public housing, very clean place. They changed their line. And he changed to “open door” policy. After a lifetime as a communist, at the age of 74, he persuaded his Long March contemporaries to return to a market economy.

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MACSK Opening 29 Jan 2015

macsk 1

At MACSK opening with great friend Elim Chew & the bosses of MACSK. It is such an inspiring furniture shop which stores high-end brands like Molteni & C, Fendi, Miele and more.
I had much fun painting with molten chocolate and eating my very own art piece!

macsk molten chocolate

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Baby’s Unresolved Cough


Baby Jodie is feeling much better after seeing our Osteopath at Body Inc. Mummy Jennie Tan didn’t know what to do when Jodie’s unresolved cough was taking a long time to heal. She didn’t wish baby Jodie to take any oral medication and was looking for a more holistic approach to help Jodie’s unresolved cough. I told her about osteopathy which uses gentle cranial techniques to rebalance baby’s delicate body system, leading to faster recovery.

The best reward for my job as a health coach at #BodyInc is when clients get introduced to suitable natural medicine (which not only heals but aids in strengthening the body too) and seeing them recover. There are so many great natural therapies for babies and kids. Don’t underestimate the innate healing power your little baby has. Gentle Osteopathy massage that parents will learn during the treatment helps relieve your baby of discomfort from cough and congested respiratory system especially during night when you can’t find a doctor. Share this knowledge with parents who do not know that there are alternative medicines which are natural & non-invasive. Stay healthy & strong, Jodie!

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Magnolia Grow Greatness Instagram Contest

Applaud F&N MAGNOLIA for using FSCTM (Forest Stewardship CouncilTM) certified cartons for their 1-litre milk packs. This certification ensures that the paperboard used in F&N MAGNOLIA milk cartons come from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources where new trees are planted to replace those harvested. This means that choosing FSCTM–certified cartons supports the conservation of forests and wildlife and help people lead better lives!

Me and Zavier are excited to participate in the Grow Greatness Instagram Contest! You too can join in and win (3 lucky winners) a 3D2N stay at eco-friendly Siloso Beach Resort for the family.
Just recycle F&N MAGNOLIA FSC milk cartons as a planter for growing your very own urban greeneries at home. Then snap a series of photographs to document the progress of your Grow Greatness plant and upload them on instagram with hashtag #fnnmagnolia, #magnoliafsc and #growgreatnessSG.

This Sat 24-25th Jan ’15, 10am to 6pm at FairPrice White Sands & Giant Hyper Tampines, you can get a Grow Greatness Starter Kit that comes with sachet of soil and a pack of plant seeds with every purchase of two 1-litre packs of F&N MAGNOLIA Fresh milk. Hurry! Go grab them!ma

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Unbleached Tissue & Toilet Papers

I have been looking for a 100% natural & unbleached, BPA free tissue paper & toilet papers in the market for some time & finally I found these Cloversoft papers. Health-concious parents, individuals and in fact, everybody should change to the unbleached tissue and toilet papers!

Most tissue/toilet papers are made from wood pulp but why are they white? Cos they are bleached & the process creates cancer-causing chemical such as dioxin & formadelayde which r known to disrupt the endocrine system. Chlorine has been linked to endometriosis, immune system impairment, diabetes, neurotoxity, birth defects, decreased fertility and reproduction dysfunction in both men and women. These toxins are readily absorbed through the skin!

Cloversoft papers use bamboo pulp (which doesn’t require the use of fertilizers, pesticides & insecticides). Bamboo has up to 90% natural anti-bacteria properties which aren’t destroyed during the manufacturing process. An it is 100% biodegradable, so it’s safe for all disposal systems (won’t choke toilet although it is 3ply!) Super good! Now I can use these papers on my Zavier boy without worry.

Link: http://ezinearticles.com/?Is-Your-Toilet-Paper-Making-You-Sick?&id=6902507

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Child Vomiting

I found the below article (extracted from www.childrenhealthnetwork.org) very helpful and I would like to share it with worrying parents whose child is throwing up. I have highlighted some important points that may be very handy for you. My own experience is to give sips of powdered (easier to absorb) Vitamin B mixed with Vit C in water when my child couldn’t even take normal plain water. Vomitting stopped almost immediately.

What is vomiting?

Vomiting is the forceful emptying (“throwing up”) of a large portion of the stomach’s contents through the mouth. Strong stomach contractions against a closed stomach outlet result in vomiting. In contrast, reflux is the effortless spitting up of one or two mouthfuls of stomach contents that occurs in babies.

What is the cause?

Most vomiting is caused by a viral infection of the stomach or food poisoning from eating poorly refrigerated food. Usually, a child whose vomiting is caused by a virus also has diarrhea. If your child has vomiting without diarrhea and it lasts more than 24 hours, your child may have something more serious.

How long does it last?

The vomiting usually stops in 6 to 24 hours. Changes in the diet can prevent excessive vomiting and dehydration. If your child also has diarrhea, the diarrhea will usually continue for several days.

How can I take care of my child?

Offer small amounts of clear fluids for 8 hours (no solid food)
Offer clear fluids (not milk) in small amounts until 8 hours have passed without vomiting. For infants less than 1 year old, always use an oral electrolyte solution (such as Pedialyte or the store brand). Spoon or syringe feed your baby 1 to 2 teaspoons (5 to 10 ml) every 5 minutes. Until you get some Pedialyte, give formula by teaspoonful in the same way.

For a child over 1 year old with vomiting (but no diarrhea), the best fluid is water or ice chips because water can be directly absorbed across the stomach wall. If your child is 2 years old or older water is best, but half-strength lemon-lime soda or Popsicles are also okay. Stir the soda until no fizz remains. However, if the vomiting continues for over 12 hours, switch to Pedialyte.
Start with 1 teaspoon (5 ml) to 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of the clear fluid, depending on your child’s age, every 5 minutes. After 4 hours without vomiting, double the amount. If your child vomits using this treatment, rest the stomach completely for 1 hour and then start over but with smaller amounts. This one-swallow-at-a-time spoonfed approach rarely fails.

Offer bland foods after 8 hours without vomiting

After 8 hours without vomiting, your child can gradually return to a normal diet.
Infants can start with bland foods such as cereal. If your baby only takes formula, give 1 or 2 ounces less per feeding than usual.
Older children can start with such foods as saltine crackers, cereals, white bread, bland soups, rice, and mashed potatoes.
Usually your child can be back on a normal diet within 24 hours after recovery from vomiting.
Diet for breast-fed babies
The key to treatment is providing breast milk in smaller amounts than usual. If your baby vomits once, make no changes. If your baby vomits twice, continue breast-feeding but nurse on only one side for 5 minutes every 30 to 60 minutes. As soon as 4 hours have passed without vomiting, return to regular nursing on both sides.
Pedialyte is rarely needed for breast-fed babies. If vomiting continues, however, switch to Pedialyte for 4 hours. Spoon or syringe feed 1 to 2 teaspoons (5 to 10 ml) of Pedialyte every 5 minutes. If your baby is urinating less frequently than normal, you can also offer your baby Pedialyte between breast-feedings for up to 24 hours.

Do not give your child any medicines by mouth for 8 hours. Oral medicines can irritate the stomach and make vomiting worse. If your child has a fever over 102°F (39°C), use acetaminophen suppositories. Call your healthcare provider if your child needs to continue taking a prescription medicine.

Common mistakes in the treatment of vomiting
A common error is to give as much fluid at one time as your child wants rather than gradually increasing the amount. This almost always leads to continued vomiting.
There is no effective drug or suppository for vomiting. Changing the diet is the best treatment. Vomiting alone (without diarrhea) rarely causes dehydration.

When should I call my child’s healthcare provider?

Your child shows any signs of dehydration (such as no urine in over 8 hours, very dry mouth, no tears when crying).
Your child vomits up blood or something that looks like coffee grounds.
Your child vomits repeatedly AND also has watery diarrhea.
Your child has abdominal pain when not vomiting.
Your child is confused or difficult to awaken.
Your child starts acting very sick.

Call during office hours if:
The vomiting continues for more than 24 hours if your child is under age 2 years or 48 hours if over age 2.

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