Love Poem

Love — Jacelyn Tay

Every moment of the day
Lord I thank u for the grace
Every night and day I pray
That I keep on with great faith

Everlasting though it hurts
I will pursue all the earth
Searching for the fine moment
To savour your special love

Every season of our faith
We will tumble and savage
It was really through your grace
That we survived and we changed

It was through you that we came
On earth where love’s fire flames
Love is patient love is kind
It does not envy it does not lie

Naked Poem

Naked — Jacelyn Tay

In this city YOU plan to harvest
Like a whirlwind YOU came so sudden
In the cold winter night u stripped us naked
So as to dress us with YOUR righteousness

O’Lord, when is the day of summer?
O’Lord, where is YOUR righteousness?
In this cold winter night
YOU left us naked
And from heaven’s throne
YOU watch us suffer

Many left this city in search of fire
Forgetting that YOU r the mother of nature
One strong wind and the fire is gone
From heaven YOU could pour
And the fire is gone

Those who stay
Lay faithfully on the land
Patiently enduring
Not knowing when is end
Naked we come
And naked we shall go
What for a dust
Asks for a pot of gold

For when fire comes the dust shall be gone
But the purest gold still remains fine and strong
O’Lord, can dust to turn into gold
Like water turned into wine or so we hope

In this cold winter night we patiently endure
For the dress of righteousness shall come when gold is pure
Naked we come and naked we shall go
Thanks be to God
For this breath that we still hold

With God Winter Still Comes Poem

With God Winter Still Comes — Jacelyn Tay

When winter comes
There will not be warmth
When summer arrives
There cannot be snow

Seasons come and seasons go
We all play a different role
For there is a time for everything
Nothing stops for her or him

Ask not God to halt winter
But Him to provide you shelter
For when you have God seasons aint over
What will surely change is how you live winter

Blind Poem

Blind – by Jacelyn Tay

How could we be so blind
Blinded by the feast of goods
Consumed by the lust of flesh
Paralyzed by the fear of lack

Why do men look but never see
The greatness of God His majesty
The abundance of His Grace
The assurance of His Words
Why do we receive but never are pleased

Darkened were our hearts
That could be so blind
Those who love money
Never enough to find

People who love wealth
Are never satisfied
For eyes feast on goods
That can’t satisfy
When treasures of heaven
Lie just in front of the blind


Ask Not Why There Is Day & Night
– Jacelyn Tay

Learn from the night
For it is in darkness that we appreciate light.
And look forward to the day
For the ray of hope shines amazingly gay.

Screams in the silent night pierce deeper
Smiles in the broad daylight look wider
There is a time to weep and a time to laugh
A time to be born and a time to die.

Ask not why there is day and night
Ask not whether u fight or flight
For u can’t fight the universe
Nor can u run away from light

Be still and know that He is God
The Creator of Heaven and Earth
The Mother of Nature
And the Father of Lord Savior
Be still…and know that He is God.

Grace Poem

Grace – Jacelyn Tay

Love without forgiveness
Is like a leaf without a branch
It struggles to maintain it’s lushness
But dries out in time to come

Love must come with forgiveness
As no human is to perfection
And forgiveness comes from Grace
It’s through His grace that we are saved.


Fei Zai Shui (Woodward’s Gripe Water) contains alcohol?

Last night during dinner, a brother joked that he is now fat & loves alcohol because when he was an infant his granny overdosed him  with ”Fei Zai Shui (Woodward’s Gripe Water)” which contained alcohol.
I tot he was talking crap. “You are a Fei Zai (fat boy) because you drank Fei Zai Shui? Please gimme a break..” Then, his face turned serious. He claimed that it was true. I almost fell off my chair because my mum does feed my Zavier boy with that. I checked my boy’s bottle label but there was no alcohol mentioned. Another brother went on Wikipedia & guess what he found: “The original Woodward’s Gripe Water contained 3.6% alcohol, dill oil, sodium bicarbonate, sugar and water. Woodward registered “Gripe Water” as a trademark in 1876…” Only in 1993 USA named it as an unapproved drug! Our entire table was shocked as we were all born before 1993 & our mothers had fed us with this remedy throughout our infant stage! Then.. we all laughed … cos we are all good drinkers, trained from infant! Hahaha!!!

My Conversion Story

I did not believe that there was an almighty God. I thought all beings could become gods. Till one day, 6 Jan 2006, I received this letter. I then realized that there was another person on this planet whose dream could continue.

I had a strange trilogy dream in 2003. Part 1 of this strange dream about heaven, war and serpents and dragon came one day, and 2 weeks later I dreamt of the 2nd part, 3 weeks later the 3rd part. I always wondered what this dream was all about.

After I received this letter, for 40 days, strangers and friends came up to me to tell me about this Jesus every single day. I got so fed up with this Christian god that on 19 Feb 2006, I went to Kampong Kapor Methodist Church to question the father of my doctor friend- a retired bishop, hoping that if he couldn’t answer all my questions, he would turn to follow my god. However, before i could even open my mouth, while waiting for the service to be over, i casually took and flipped a bible to Revelation 12 – Woman and Dragon, and realized that it was my dream in 2003! And I had never read a bible before! My thought was: if for sure that my dream was true, then Revelation 12 must be true. And if Revelation 12 was true, the bible must be true. If the bible was true, for sure this Christian God was true! And if this Christian God says that He is the only one true Almighty God, it must be true also! Immediately, God convicted my heart and I become a Christian. The rest…is history.

My thanksgiving drawing to God

When I gave God 100%, I received His double portion of blessings.

He tested me in a Paul & Joe event to see if I would forgo my choir rehearsal to earn thousands per hour for an engagement. When I chose to give God a 100% commitment even for the rehearsals, Paul & Joe came back with a changed date for the event & engaged me not for one, but two of their events.

So I drew this pic in remembrance of my walk with God, is either 100% or none. As our God is a 100% God, perfect Father, perfect Love.