With Founders of My Voice - Elim Chew & Danny Yeo at last night’s book launch of the Chinese version of “My Voice: Overcoming”. I contributed my story in this book of how I overcame difficulties & depression at 24 after I lost half a million dollars in stocks & shares. With a “never-say-die” attitude, I got up again & set up my business Body Inc. Integrated Medicine at the age 30 till today. When interviewed by the press about why,

Lingzhi Helps Dog With Cancer

Thought I’d share this with pet lovers. A client came to #BodyInc to buy Lingzhi. She said she gave Lingzhi to her dog who suffers from cancer and her dog’s fur turned from sparse and grey to black and lush. It seems like Lingzhi had brought down her cancer cells & aided in recovery. Wow! … I knew Lingzhi has effects on anti-cancer but never knew that it works on dogs too. The pix my client put up on her FB- Left

Wrap Kids in Tube Tops to Prevent Cold

Overheard my Chinese physician at Body Inc. talking to parent of a 5 year old child patient who was down with cough and sinus. Child slept in air-conditioned every night & took too much ice-cream. Physician said when the tummy area catch cold, fluid in the digestive system becomes phlegm and raise up to the lungs causing cough. And ice-cream aggravated the “coldness” in body. For kids who sleep in air-conditioned room, they should wear a tube top inside the

Kids’ Eczema

Tips for children with eczema: In Chinese, eczema is called shi zhen. Shi means damp. In TCM perspective, causes of eczema are: 1. deficiency of lung and spleen 2. stress and anxiety that stagnates the liver 3. inappropriate diet, which damages the spleen and stomach and creates excess dampness in the body. In TCM terms, the symptoms of eczema are a mixture of heat, dampness and wind, which manifests in the form of itching, redness, blistering and crusting of the skin.

Fear & Love

I suddenly have a thought. Many a times we say we don’t want to love again because of the fear of getting hurt. But is it because we love ourselves more than we love others? If we truly love and ask for no return, how can we get hurt? We get hurt only when we didn’t expect the person we love to treat us badly. We expect some return when we love. This way of loving is bound to get

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