Keeping A Good Figure

I overheard a young lady saying, “After my wedding, I don’t have to keep my figure anymore!” Erm… gal, I think you were not married before (obviously!). Let me tell u sister, after you are married, the more you got to look good and keep your shape. It’s not just for yourself, your image reflects your husband. Let him be proud of you. Especially after u have children, don’t become a desperate housewife. Managing your good looks is part of

Kids Diet

Last night Zavier said he wanna eat broccoli after finishing his dinner full of spinach. Waha! Think I’ve done a good job in introducing vegetables to him. If your child doesn’t fancy vege, maybe you can dress up as a vegemummy and pretend that you don’t want him to eat you up. Usually kids will chase you and they register the fun with vege. Then with that good feelings they remember, they begin to like veges. But of course, I’m


I was putting on my eyeshadow and my son came close to my face to look. Suddenly he burst out laughing, “hahahaha…mama… panda!” He took daddy’s phone & started taking pix of me while laughing at “panda”. I rolled my eyes & told Zavier, “You have absolutely no eyes for beauty!”

Mascara Tricks

Many ladies use the same black mascara on both the top and lower lashes, but i find it often gives a hard, fierce look especially when you have lush lower lashes like mine (want more lashes? Use Body Inc.’s HappyLash!). For me, I love using black mascara for top lashes and brown mascara for lower lashes to “open up” the eyes without that fierce stare. Clever use of mascara colours gives a softer, more┬ánatural look. Try it!

Ice-cream Maker

My hubby just bought this Zoku pop maker for Zavier. It is so fun and healthy to make our own fruit “ice-cream”. Today we made watermelon pops. You can see how enjoyable it is from Zavier’s expression! How to use? Leave the pop maker in the freezer. Take it out when you feel like making a pop. Pour your mix into the maker and wait for 7 mins. That’s it! Done!

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