About Me

  • Live life. Feel the universe with my heart.

  • Mother of a lovely boy; A health fanatic; Like to simplify complicated stuff; Love art/painting; Love God. Love Nature.

  • Actress; Author of Best-selling book – “Feel Good Look Good with Jacelyn” & “Make-up for Asian Women”; Founder of Body Inc. Integrated Medicine Wellness Center – Weight Management. Skin Rejuvenation. Holistic Health. Nutrition Therapist; Health Coach; Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner.

    Many years ago when I first started Body Inc. Integrated Medicine, I was the reason why I started this business. When I was 25, I started experiencing fainting spells and it can come up to 5 times a day. No doctors I consulted could explain to me the cause of it. All the medical tests I took did not show any abnormality. Finally, an Internal Medicine Specialist diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Unfortunately I was told there was no cure for auto-immune disorder.

    It was not like me to give up so I did my own research and read ups. After having much knowledge, I decided to change my lifestyle and diet. I also started regular exercise and did detoxification treatments. 2 years of disciplined lifestyle, I finally got rid of my fainting spells. I am now healthier than before, have no wrinkles and, no… I never had any Botox and I wish I do not need one till I am 50!

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