Baby’s Unresolved Cough


Baby Jodie is feeling much better after seeing our Osteopath at Body Inc. Mummy Jennie Tan didn’t know what to do when Jodie’s unresolved cough was taking a long time to heal. She didn’t wish baby Jodie to take any oral medication and was looking for a more holistic approach to help Jodie’s unresolved cough. I told her about osteopathy which uses gentle cranial techniques to rebalance baby’s delicate body system, leading to faster recovery.

The best reward for my job as a health coach at #BodyInc is when clients get introduced to suitable natural medicine (which not only heals but aids in strengthening the body too) and seeing them recover. There are so many great natural therapies for babies and kids. Don’t underestimate the innate healing power your little baby has. Gentle Osteopathy massage that parents will learn during the treatment helps relieve your baby of discomfort from cough and congested respiratory system especially during night when you can’t find a doctor. Share this knowledge with parents who do not know that there are alternative medicines which are natural & non-invasive. Stay healthy & strong, Jodie!

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