Lose 6-8kg in 21 days! Ep.1

Do you know? “ IF YOU ARE HEALTHY, YOU WILL NOT BE OVERWEIGHT?” Many people have failed to understand this important truth – that a healthy body will always be able to dispel all waste out of the body.

I am introducing to you Body Inc.’s 2OneReset Weight Loss Program - Lose 6-8kg in 21 days!


My friend, Debra Chong challenged me to help her lose weight before Chinese New Year. In these 10 episodes, we shared with our audiences the program I designed for her. The eating habits she must follow in order to lose those stubborn fats. “We are what we eat.” Supplements have been given to “overhual” her body & help her fight hunger pangs. “Do you know that when you body has enough nutrients, it does not crave for food? I will introduce slimming treatments to sculpt her thighs & tummy too. Many have lost weight but put on double after losing that weight. My 2OneReset Weight Loss Program not only helps lose those kilos fast but keeps it off permanently!

Join us as we journeyed these 21 days in our debut series and be educated on how you too can look good, stay healthy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLLKRqePh-I


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Ep. 1: The challenged begins….

Debra: Hey Jacelyn, can a person really lose 6-8kg within 21 days?

Jacelyn: Of course! And keep it off!

This sparks off the challenged where Debra Chong gave me a challenged to help her lose weight in the next 21 days just before Chinese New Year. We shopped for a pair of Jeans in Guess retail store and she got herself size 25! A size she has not worn before! That is 3 inches off her usual!

Let us see how she looks with that piece of Jeans now…

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