Keeping Slim This Festive Season

The Jacelyn Tay Christmas Survival Guide: How to enjoy Christmas without turning into Santa.

Enjoy but not turn into Santa?  The truth is, one cannot serve two gods. Cake Or Weight? You got to choose!

Realistically, only 3 types of people will survive this Christmas without turning into Santa.

1. The Wise Champions. They are humble people who know their limit. The female limit themselves to daily intake of not more than 1500 calories and the male, 2000 calories. No matter how tempted they are, they will count the calories and stop eating when limit is reached. They are courageous because they dare to politely refuse their loved ones of that additional log cake. They are highly focused as they see only calories, not turkeys. They talk more, eat less during parties. They are always eager to serve food to people so that they avoid food themselves. They have the wisdom to know that patience in chewing their food allows good digestion. They are the slow-and-steady-wins-the-race champions. (I belong to this type!)


2. The Overcomers. They fall into temptations again and again, but they will overcome and rise up each time! Overcomers may overeat on 23rd Dec, but on 24th they rise up again. They will try their best to get rid of the rubbish that has gotten into them. The very next day, they cut down on all sugars, fats and refined carbohydrates like bread, biscuits and any food made from flour. They limit complex carbohydrates intake such as brown rice, take lots of fruits and vegetables and some meat. They only eat 1000-1200 calorie that whole day. They either run for two hours or run up the stairs for an hour to burn off 1000 calories. They manage to purge naturally by moving their bowels once or twice that day. They succeed in losing that 1 to 2kg they had put on the day before. However, come 25th they forget yesterday’s pain and they fall into temptations again. Then on 26th, they overcome it by losing all the weight that they had put on the previous day. Eventually they still maintain their weight after Christmas! (Beware of bulimia! Overcomers should use healthy methods such as exercise and eating healthy, low-calorie-high-nutrient foods to lose weight.)


3. The Prophets. They know they will eat. They even forsee the number of kgs they are going to put on during Christmas. Hence they plan to lose that amount of weight prior to all the parties! They eat less than 1200 calories a day, focusing only on vegetables, fruits and some meat. They cut out all sugars and oils just for the fact that they can eat all these when the time comes. Before the Christmas parties, they have already lost 1-2kg in a week. After Christmas, the prophets never turn into Santa as they have long forseen and avoided the disaster!

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