Kids’ Eczema

Tips for children with eczema:

In Chinese, eczema is called shi zhen. Shi means damp. In TCM perspective, causes of eczema are: 1. deficiency of lung and spleen
2. stress and anxiety that stagnates the liver
3. inappropriate diet, which damages the spleen and stomach and creates excess dampness in the body.

In TCM terms, the symptoms of eczema are a mixture of heat, dampness and wind, which manifests in the form of itching, redness, blistering and crusting of the skin.

According to some TCM physicians, one way that dampness and wind can get into the body (other than the above mentioned ways) is having wet hair for a prolonged time. This is often due to after showering, child goes into an air-conditioned room without drying the hair totally hence hair is wet for a long time (That is why I put my child in a non air-conditioned childcare centre!). It is recommended (even for adults) not to wash your hair after 7pm. When dampness and wind gets into the body, it may create phlegm which affects lungs and then aggravate eczema condition.

So mummies, blow-dry your child’s hair always if he is going into an air-conditioned space!

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